I Heart-Chakra You! A Tale of Unconditional Friendship

While out for an impromptu brunch with some of my oldest friends, I looked around the table and saw the faces of three of the most caring and genuine women in my life.  We’ve been causing trouble and bailing each other out through good times and bad, together since our primary grades.  Through all of life’s moments, from surprises, losses, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, families, arguments, advice-giving and ass kicking, we’ve been through it all.  Across countries, road trips, hang overs, rule breaking, tears, laughter: you name it, these girls have been with me every step of the way. We’ve held each other’s hands and raged together through some of life’s most agonizing and mysterious moments.  We’ve been there to build each other up and in all honesty, there for some of the tearing down.  And no matter what, we’ve said: “it’s ok. I’m here- I’ve got you.”  And it’s always been true.

On the drive home from brunch, a scene from Sex and the City, one of my fave shows of all time came to mind.  In it, Charlotte turns to her girl group and suggests that they be soulmates.  And without sounding cheesy, her words settled in my heart.  I mean, not only has this friendship stood the test of time, it really is worthy of a sitcom.  Every dramatic, gory, embarrassing and touching detail, we’ve got it covered. These women have truly become my soulmates. Through thick and thin (sometimes that’s our waist sizes), we’ve held each other up, motivated, encouraged, supported and loved.  I can’t think of a better definition of true friendship.

So what does this have to do with the chakras?  A chakra is an energy centre in the body and can be imagined almost as a swirling wheel. This invisible energy is an important life force that keeps us vibrant, healthy, and feeling alive.  The heart chakra itself, represents love, joy and compassion and is located in the chest at the heart level. In Sanskit, it’s pronounced Anahata which literally means “unhurt”.  Anahata moves love through our lives. It’s our sense of caring, feelings of self-love, empathy, kindness and community.

In essence, this friendship is like a heart chakra to me: a living, breathing, changing force of energy, love and positivity that flows through my life.  With it, bringing nourishment for my soul, healing for my hurt, gratitude for my blessings and an unconditional friendship like none other.

Here’s some pictures of us through the years… It was harder to find pics of us when we were really young, but these ones stretch back at least 20 years.  Pretty incredible when you stop to think about. Pretty incredibly blessed. ♥

yogaerin and ashlea17555458_10158449863590486_604308775_n17577918_10158449860440486_1701319711_n


4 thoughts on “I Heart-Chakra You! A Tale of Unconditional Friendship

  1. In that tv show, I would definitely be that ridiculously good looking dude that’s super hilarious yet deep because he understands feelings and stuff. Secretly everyone knows the show is about him but it’s one of those theories on reddit that’s always debated by the real hardcores of the show.

    Love the post! It brought me back a few years. It’s amazing that the four of you are still getting together. You are all crazily amazing forces of nature. Much love! Brian

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    • Brian! So good to hear from you. Thank you so much for your comment. It honestly made my day.
      I think they may actually study your character in university courses. You’re kinda a big deal like The Simpsons!
      (I went searching for those pics you see in the blog and came across a bunch of you in your adolescent glory- and you’re right! You definitely played that role in my life: the cute boy that understood feelings and stuff, and pretty much every girl had a crush on at some point! lol. 🙂 For real though, I’m glad I had nice guys like you in my life!)
      Hope all is well with you!


  2. This is a beautiful post Ash, I’m glad I waited until I had some focused time to read it properly. Thanks for honouring us and our friendship with your lovely words. And yes, Brian, you were ‘that guy’ in our tv show 😉


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